Would you please lift up Cadyn in your prayers.He has been ill since we have arrived.  He is now down to just 50 pounds and has started medicine today.  Please pray for His physical healing  and also His spiritual and emotional healing,especially from his past and that He would believe on Christ for His saviour.

ANSWERS!!  Thank your for praying.  Cadyn has been without diarrhea for the past two days.  The medicine seems to really be helping that.  Also God has connected us with a young man who is a trauma therapist for children. From what we have heard he is an amazing child trauma therapist. We have been able to share Cadyn’s story with him and he has contacted us to say he would like to see if Cadyn will work with him. We start therapy on the 21st.  He is from Australia and is only living a few blocks from us.  Please continue to pray for his healing.

Please continue to pray for Cadyn as he is now constipated because of the antibiotics he is on so please pray that his body is able to be straightened out.

Please pray for Tyler, that He would seek Gods will for him while He is here and that He would have a heart to follow God on this journey.

ANSWER!! Tyler is starting to read his bible and is trying to think of ways he can get connected in Uganda.  He is very homesick and wants to return home. So please pray that God speaks to him and that he finds way to get connected here, and that his heart is open to that.

We are also asking for prayer that God would reveal His plan for us here.  That we would be waiting on Him to reveal His plan and not trying to create our own plans.

Also lift up all the kids as they try to adjust to a completely different world here.  That they would have relief from their homesickness, especially at night and their hearts would be full of joy and excitement as we serve God in this beautiful country.

Please pray for the health of our kids as they have taken turns being sick. Brianna was sick today and Preston is now sick tonight!  Also keep mom and dad in your prayers for health!

Prayer Request:  Preston, as many of you know, has contracted Malaria.  He has been taking medication the past three days.  His fever and headache have subsided, he however still is having pains in his stomach. Please pray for his healing.  We will be trying some antacids tomorrow in case he has effects from all the medicine he has been taking.