Screen Shot 2015-11-11 at 1.16.40 PMHi! We are the Herricks’ family. We have had our lives flipped upside down, but walking on your hands isn’t so hard once you get used to it. One year ago, last August, my husband and I and our two oldest children, Tyler and Brianna, boarded a plane for Uganda, Africa. IMG_0455.JPG We left behind our four youngest children as we journeyed across the ocean to the beautiful country of Uganda.  IT was so hard to do but God is a keeper of all things, including our children.  We spent 8 days in Uganda and God moved us mightily while we were there.  He spoke to the deep part of our hearts and we knew He wanted us to return.  We would decide to leave the when and where up to Him.

Now it is just over a year later and our family is just a few short months away from returning to the country that God has laid on our hearts. We shall serve there for one year and then leave the rest to God.  We don’t know where this journey will lead or what will happen while we are there but we know we serve God who knows all the details of our lives until our last breath.

I am excite that we will all be traveling together this time.  It was hard to be separated, even for that short time.  We are so excited to be on this amazing faith journey.

In case you want to know where Ekyalintandikwa came from as our blog name, I will share.  Just three days before we left on our trip I was emotionally struggling with leaving our four youngest children behind, as we went to a third world country half across the globe.  The lord told me to go to Dueteronomy and start reading, so that is what I did.  When I read Deut. 3:24, “O Lord God, You have begun to show Your servant Your greatness and Your strong hand; for what god is there in heaven or on earth who can do such works and mighty acts as Yours?”  When I read that the Lord was just beginning to show me…I felt peace in my heart that if He was just beginning, then I had to not worry about the near future, He would take care of it.  While we were in Uganda I asked what “Just the Beginning” was in Luganda.  That is what Ekyalintandikwa means.  “Just the Beginning”.

Thank you for joining my family on this journey to surrender everything we know, everything that is familiar, everything near and dear to us, to follow God’s calling for our lives.  We are excited as we prepare and wait in expectation for all God is going to do in our hearts.