We are the Herricks Family.  We are a pretty ‘normal’ American family.  Todd is the dad, husband and man of God that leads our home.  He is a Physical Education teacher at the Birchwood High School in WI.  He loves to hunt, ride four wheeler, spend time with the kids, and loves his wife, (that would be me).  Jen is mom, wife and teacher.  She loves to spend time teaching the youth group in our home and being with our kids.  She has a heart to reach the lost and to teach Gods word.  She also loves just being outside and having fun in life.  We founded the non-profit Woven2Gether in 2014. A proactive prolife ministry to bring hope and healing to the people of Uganda and the to the ends of the earth.

Our oldest son is Tyler.  He is 21 and  will be remaining in the states when we return to Uganda. We will miss him so much but we know God has big things in store for him. He loves to play sports, especially basketball. He also enjoys the outdoors.  He spends time four wheeling, hunting and building anything you can find to build with any left over parts or wood he can find.  God has given him so much creativity that it will be fun to watch God use him in extraordinary ways.  His name means tile maker so we know that God has given him the gift to work with his hands and he loves to do this.  He is such a strong, courageous, fun, leader that we are so blessed to be his parents.  I love his sense of humor and that we have been able to grow an amazing friendship with this young man of God. Tyler..”You are a mighty man of God!”

Brianna is our second child and only daughter.  Yup, 1 girl and 4 boys.  She is 19.  This amazing young woman has a heart that often leaves me speechless. She loves to read and write both books and poetry.  She sees beauty in everything and appreciates the richness of life in everything that crosses her path. She enjoys spending time with her Aunt Mary, taking care of and ridding the horses. Her name means woman of virtue and we trust that God will continue to fulfill that in this beautiful woman.  She currently is out of contact with our family yet we believe one day God will restore our relationship with her.

Our third child, Preston is 16 years old.  He is currently in the 11th grade while homeschooling.  Preston is kind, forgiving, funny, athletic and  has a great heart.  He is often willing to put himself last and is very soft spoken.  He will not strive for attention but will fade into the background and can easily get left out or behind if you are not aware of him. He enjoys playing sports and hanging out with his friends.  His name means set apart for God alone.  We know that God will also do great things with this mighty man of God.

Sean is our twinning son with Preston as they are only nine days apart in age.  Sean came to live with us in 2011 and was adopted in 2013.  He is also in the 11th grade and attends Birchwood Public School and at times is also homeschooled. He enjoys playing basketball with his brothers and hunting for spiders.  Sean has an amazing heart and enjoys the most of every moment.  He sees good in all things and in all people. He is quick to forgive and forget. He is always full of laughter and tells the best jokes.  His love for life is contagious.  Seans name means ‘God is gracious’.  If you were to know Seans story and how he has overcome you would agree with us that  God has already showered upon him a grace that abounds. Sean has eyes to see the world for the beauty that it holds instead of the pain that it caused.  He is truly a gift to our family.

Isaac or better know as Ike is our caboose child.  He turns 15 at the end of October, 2019.  This little guy is the life of the party.  His name means ‘laughter’ and he is fulfilling his name everyday. He is full of energy and brings joy to where ever he is.  He is smart and athletic. He loves spending time with his siblings.  He also loves playing video games on the play station.   He has such a passion for life and seems to fly with the wind.  knows that our God hears and answers prayer.  When people come to our home, they see him, and in a matter of moments they will be laughing and be reminded how great life is.   He truly is a blessing to our family.

We are grateful you have taken the time to get to know our family.



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