To Walk a mile in her shoes…or without shoes at all (Part 3)


Today is Tuesday, the day after we got mama all set up in her home.  Brianna came back from work around midday.  She says,”mom, mama is back on the rubbish heap.” I was so discouraged but I reminded myself that she was very used to this daily routine and it may take her sometime to realise she doesn’t need to go to the rubbish heap anymore.

I found Brian our Boda driver and him, Tyler and I went to the rubbish heap to see mama.  We talked to her about why she is back in the rubbish.  She says that the voices in her head tell her to come and dig.  However she also needs food so she comes looking for whatever she can find.  I didn’t understand why she would already need food.  Yesterday we had sent her home with all the left overs, enough for two meals maybe even three. In conversation we found that she has a brother that lives in another village and she would like to go live with him.  We may look into this in the next few weeks.  Also she says he dead husband comes to her and disturbs her at night.  We know that she is being disturbed by demons. So we asked what faith she is from and she said she is born again.  So we asked her if she would like the spirits to be gone.  She said yes.  So we taught her about the power she has to pray in the name of Jesus and command every evil thing to flee.  So sitting in the rubbish pile, momma turns the palms of her hands towards heaven and starts to pray.  I am praying along with her asking for freedom, then when she is finished I pray that God, by the blood and power in Jesus name that He would cast every evil thing from the presence of mama.  We give God thanks and help get momma back home.

When Brian,Tyler, momma and I get back to her place, we found that someone had went into her home and stolen her sugar, soap, salt, and her padlock.  Mama was so grieved.  She looked in every part of her hut that she could think of.  As she searched her heart became so sad and so heavy.  She kept looking at us and saying, “someone took all of it”. I didn’t know what to say, I was so sad also.  I couldn’t imagine someone taking from her what little she had. Then I asked her where all of her food was that we left her with yesterday.  Her answer reminded me of people in the bible who gave out of what little they had. Here she shared her food with the village children earlier that morning, so when evening came she had not extra food.  That is why she was on the rubbish heap.  Her heart is so big and so caring,I have much to learn from her. While Brian and Tyler sat with her I prayed in her home asking Jesus to cover her home with His blood.  After praying inside, I prayed outside her home and walked circles around her hut praying the blood of Jesus and protection over her home  We claimed it for Gods glory now and that He may be magnified for what He will do in her life.  You see, her home used to belong to a witch doctor before she lived there.  Child sacrifice, spells, curses, demons, spirits are all a part of the life of witch doctors here.  It is pure evil. So it is no wonder she is being taunted by these spirits.  I pray that God has or will free her.  I our God has set us free than we shall be free, free indeed!

Local village women have come along side of us to help mama. When we come to visit mama they see what she needs and what we are needing from them. The children gather water for mama and have helped her around her house.  It is amazing to see what happens when one person steps up to help, many others join in and it is a beautiful thing.  Boda drivers, people who live nearer, our neighbours, store owners, and passerby’s are all apart of this story.  Each one will be affected by Gods kindness and love in a special and un

We will be going back into town to buy another padlock for her home so that her things will be secure…

Quick update: I wasn’t feeling well so Brian bought her the padlock and brought it to her and she was so very happy. God is good!

We have left mama again in the hands of God.  Lord please make her whole in Jesus name.

Thank you again for traveling along side of mama as God shows her new and wonderful things.


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