To Walk a mile in her shoes…or without shoes at all (Part 2)


So, today is Monday.  Eunice and I and all the children are getting ready to head to the ladies house to clean her hut.  Some of the kids are a little concerned about what it will be like, as am I. You never know what you might find in there.  One lady from the village said that the last time someone cleaned her hut they found a very large snake, alive, in it.  We all pray for protection as we clean.

Photo: Getting ready to clean mama’s house!

Screen Shot 2016-09-05 at 6.26.16 PM

When we showed up we found mama at home.  We got her up and outside, and immediately began to clean out her home.  She had around 50+ pieces  of clothes that she had gathered from different rubbish heaps.  She had shoes of every color and size, glass bottles from so many different things, plastic bottles, plastic bags, old dishes             including 40+ cups for porridge.  It was so dusty that we could hardly breathe while cleaning.  But the more we cleaned the more      happy and free we began to notice she would be.  The village kids gathered to help as did some of their mums.  We were so happy to see people coming together to help her out.

Photos: The kids in the village who helped us out
Screen Shot 2016-09-05 at 7.51.39 PMAfter we gathered everything from inside her home, we lit a match and burned most everything we fond.  Her woven reed mats, clothes, and all the rubbish went up in smoke.  We didn’t leave her with much so we knew we would have to buy her some new things.  Screen Shot 2016-09-05 at 7.51.57 PMSo we thanked everyone for their help and returned to our home.  We brought mama with us to our home and we let her use the shower to get refreshed.  She enjoyed so much.  After, we gave her some of our clothes to wear.  She was so happy to have “new” clothes.  She praised and thanked God so much.   I just filled with so much joy as I watched her feeble hands   lift to the sky as she gave thanks.

Photos: Top left: mama’s house before we cleaned.  Top Right: rubbish from in her home. Center left:More rubbish from in her home   Center Right: Not sure how a hedgehog skin was in Uganda but she has one, okay had one.  Bottom Left: Working hard and almost done.

Eunice and I spend the rest of the afternoon with mama in the market.  We took her shopping for dresses.  That was one of the happiest moments for me.  As she would try them on, she would begin to dance in the walkway.

You know me, I danced right along side her.  We danced and danced, with each dress that she tried on.  What joy filled my heart and hers.

When we stopped at one of the dress shops, one of the ladies there shared something so amazing with us.  When she saw mama, she told us that she used to sympathise with mama so much when she would see her walking or sitting in the rubbish heaps.  She felt so bad because she had no way to help this woman.  So she prayed to God that God would send someone to help this woman.  So when she saw mama getting help, she just praised God and thanked Him for sending someone to help her.We were on the first level of this shopping market searching for dresses. However, Brianna and I had been to two shops on the top level, so we thought it would be a good idea to try there instead.  We had no idea that

God was directing us into this woman’s shop, who had prayed for mama.  God wanted to show her that he heard her prayers for mama and that He didn’t just hear her prayers but he answered them by sending someone to mama who could help her.  Our God is so good, so faithful and out of love He wants to show us His character and goodness.  What a blessed moment.

After we found her several dresses, we shopped for some wash bins for her to do dishes and laundry.  We also bought her some wash soap, sugar and salt.  Then we took her to eat at a little local restaurant.  After supper, we bought her a mattress to sleep on. She was speechless.  To know the number of nights that this elderly woman
Screen Shot 2016-09-05 at 9.13.36 PM lay on the ground only on a reed mat, and to know tonight she would sleep on a soft mat.  God is so so good.  Again she just praised the God from whom all blessings flow.  We then took her home and got everything set up and put away.  As we were organizing everything mama was saying that she needed a padlock so that no one would come in and taker her things.  So Brian,our boda driver, knew how to fix her lock.  We went into town, bought the parts, and the lock and returned to mamas house. We spent the time to repair the lock parts and gave her the paddle lock so her new belongings would be secure. We gave her some small money to eat on for the next few days.  She was so grateful for all God had done for her.

We prayed with her and headed back home.  God is so good.

We are still praying for her freedom from the demonic influences. God will set her free. It has been a blessed journey and I know that the Lord has just begun to do a many  wonderful things.  We shall go back and meet her again in a few days to see how she is doing.  We will be excited to continue to see what God does.  Thank you for walking through this story with us.  It is a beautiful story of Gods love and grace.

God Bless








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