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It’s Just the Beginning…


We are so excited to be able to have internet and have been able to work through the glitches of getting into accounts when it notices you are not in your home country. Thank you Tracy McKim. So this is our first official update…outside of Facebook. If you would like daily updates friend us on Facebook through jennifer herrricks.

We had planned, prayed and watched so many people come around us to support our call to be in Uganda. We flew out the afternoon of the 25th of January and landed in Uganda on the 26th, two weeks ago today. God was so faithful to accomplish every thing that needed to be accomplished, (even finding us new flights 4 hours before we flew out because our original flights had been canceled at 2:30 am the morning we were to fly out). Good byes that day were so very hard. Saying goodbye to those we love throughout the last week was definitely one of the harder things we have had to do. Saying goodbye to our siblings and parents was so emotional but we made it through. We have learned what it means to leave behind all things. I am thankful God didn’t show us all that would happen and all we would feel at one time..we have learned that God truly does supply for all of our DAILY needs.

The first two weeks have been a roller coaster to say the least. We have had many highs and many lows along with feelings of settling in and also being homesick. We spent our first week in Kampala Uganda, with Carl and Julie, heads of Tutapona. They helped us just get our feet on the ground by taking us shopping for food, showing us around and praying with us. It was great to have them right there as we had very many questions. I really had to be humble that first week. The first day on the ground we went shopping, everything was in schillings and the grocery store was overwhelming. I went home and cried because something as simple as grocery shopping seemed complicated and overwhelming. I would learn to pray before going shopping because when they see a white person, they think money, and therefore prices are very inflated for us, so we have negotiate everything we buy. Once you get prices your good to go, buying something new, we don’t do it unless we have a local with us that we trust. But some people are kind and fair which is a beautiful treat.

We find here that we miss the simple things from home like syrup, ice cream, yogurt,cheese, cereal, yellow yoked eggs, someones smile or hugs. We have learned here that we take so many little things for granted. Like the feel of our beds, softness of our pillows, all things are different here. It takes seeing a picture of someone, or talking to them on the phone and tears start to flow. A certain smell reminds someone of home and the sadness hits. We have walked through this many times but each time God faithfully brings us through and we find our strength again.

We are grateful to be able to call our families through Facebook messenger, hearing their voices is such good heart medicine. Wish we could call all of you! We miss you all so much.

The kids have starteScreen Shot 2016-02-10 at 12.51.40 AMd to settle in. The boys ran their remote control cars outside our gate and the village kids thought that it was so great, some were afraid, but most enjoyed this grately. They also played lots of futball with the village kids. I love that the local people who live around us are starting to open up to us. Brianna and I jumped rope with the kids too. They are all so great


Screen Shot 2016-02-10 at 12.51.28 AM


Todd is adjusting well. He is doing awesome with driving, even thought it is crazy here and everything is opposite. Love that he is so good at it. WE also take the boda boda’s. They are small motor bikes, which are much easier to maneuver traffic on, but grately more dangerous.

Overall things have been good.  We are excited to see what God will do in this next year.  Thanks for coming with us on this journey.  We love you