Twas the night before Christmas Eve..


Twas the night before Christmas Eve and we sat together reading the true story of what Christmas is all about….oh how little reminders there a any more of the true meaning of Christmas as you go out and about.   But here, here in our home we remember why we are celebrating Christmas.  This year perhaps more than any other year before.

Just as people anticipated the coming of the Savior for thousands of years, we too await our Saviors return.  Oh how wonderful that news was to those who were watching and waiting and what wonderful news that will one day be to us when He comes to reign.  As we read the story, we are reminded that Jesus chose a barren woman named Elizabeth to give birth to the man who would prepare the way for the Lord.  God picked a carpenter and a teenage girl to parent the Savior of the world, His perfect son.  He chose Bethlehem, the smallest city to be the birth place for a King.  He chose for him to be born in a peasant home, His bed a manger, not a palace where he rightfully should have been born.  He chose to tell the shepherds first, the lowly and despised shepherds.  It makes my heart sing with hope as I too am the least of these, and He came to me, to our little family in a small town in Wisconsin.

When I think of the fact that he holds creation in his hands how small I must be in comparison to how great He is.  I would be but a speck on the tip of His finger and the bible says our life is but a breath.  I breath in and breath out and I am reminded how fleeting my life is in the eyes of God my Father.  Then I find myself asking, Why? Why would God send His only son, to come to this earth, be confined in human flesh, separated from His Father for 30 some years for me, little insignificant me.  It overwhelms me to think of how much our God loves us, that he would go through such great depths to save us.  Even though our life is but a breath here, our souls are eternal, and He came to rescue the eternal part of us.  I cannot ever begin to even grasp His love, the bible says His love is unsearchable.  I couldn’t agree more.  I think often we think of ourselves in light of how great we are and how much we have accomplished..but really when God holds the world in His hands, and we get the right picture of who He is and who we are in comparison, I think the only response could be to worship our God and Saviour King.

I leave you with this song as a reminder who it was who came to save us, and where He had been for all eternity, waiting for the moment, to become like us, to save us.

May we all be humbled this year as we truly see the greatness of our God!

Twas the night before Christmas Eve…


The Herricks Family

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