Daily Archives: October 22, 2015

How little we know of the power of God


Our family just spent the last four days being a part of an amazing missions conference at our home church Shell Lake Full Gospel.  It has been an inspiring, breathtaking, wonderful and amazing week.  We were able to visit with missionaries from all over the world and pray with them.  We heard stories of Gods power moving all across the world.  We worshipped our God and saviour with all our hearts, souls and minds.  We were left speechless.

We heard stories of the dead being raised to life, blind gaining sight, lame being able to walk, prophetic words being shared, limbs growing back where there was no limb…all by the Power of Jesus name.  I walked away wondering and asking God, “Why God, Why don’t we see your power in this way?”  I am here today asking myself, why am I satisfied with only a little of the God that I know. Why have I settled for a drop of His power when we can have it all?  Why do I not feel as though God is limited here and in my life.  God said in His word, greater things than these shall you do! I want to know Him, all of Him.

So I have started a new journey this week, one to find all that I can about my God and my saviour Jesus Christ and the Holy Ghost.  I want God to push me to the limit, send me places I cannot go on my own, be apart of things that are beyond my reach, to take my places I could never get on my own.  I want to not only taste and see that the Lord is good, I want to feast on Him, His word and His power.  I don’t want to settle anymore.  I want it all.

He said to me this weekend, “In my presence you shall have no want”.  Lord keep me in thy presence I pray.

Here is a great song..my life song..oh God take me to where my feet could never wander

Hope you enjoy and find yourself in a place to want all of God and His power!  Lets not settle for less!