Daily Archives: October 16, 2014

Choir 64 at Watoto


We went to visit Watoto Choir 64 for our second and final time while they were in the United States. They did such a great job. We went to see them in the line and there were five of them together…and I was so excited to see them. I asked them if they remembered us. The one girl said,”You are the one who prayed for us.” My heart swelled up. I couldn’t believe 11 cities later and hundreds of faces that they remembered us praying for them. I was so moved.

We then volunteered to help them tear down their equipment once again. While they were working our kids were able to go downstairs to hang out with the Choir 64 Aunties and kids. They had so much fun. I joined them just a short time later. We played, sang, took many pictures (the kids love to be in pictures). Then when everyone one was down stairs we were able to give them their shirts. The kids were all so excited. They all put them on. What smiles! Then we also gave them to the Aunties and Uncles. Uncle Phillip came down and one of the Aunties said, “come here, you have to see this”. She showed him his name on our shirts. If you could have seen his face. He was shocked. He said,”I am famous! I am famous! My name is on a shirt! I am famous! It was so touching to see them so moved by our gift. They all signed Preston and Isaac’s T-shirts. They signed my Africa bag and Brianna’s Africa bag. We will cherish these forever. Then as they were sitting down thanking us for our love, Irene, a thirteen year old, stood up and thanked us for the kindness and love we had shown them. Then they sang a song to us. I was so moved I cried. “May the good Lord keep you, May the Lord shine His face upon you, May the good lord bring you peace. Amen.”, is what they sang. Then some of the Aunties brought up, again, the idea of us coming to Uganda to see them. I was so excited. I just said, “We are going to come! We will have to get together and have some fun times.” That was just the beginning of the conversation about us going to Africa. We gave them all hugs and walked with them up to the doors. We decided to sponsor Lydia that night and were able to tell her so that was pretty amazing. I cried so hard on the way home. I didn’t know what to do with everything that had happened in my heart when we met the Watoto Choir. So now I began to pray that God would show me what it was all for and what He wanted for our family. So we prayed.