Daily Archives: October 9, 2014

Making T-shirts for Watoto Choir 64


Well we were in the waiting process to go see the Choir 64 in two weeks in St. Croix Falls, Wi. So we decided to keep ourselves busy and make t-shirts for all of the Choir 64 members, adults and children alike. We bought bright green, blue, pink shirts..awesome! Then the designing started after much prayer. Asking God to make it something rememberable. So as we designed God moved. Across the top read…Romans 10:15 “Beautiful are the feet of those who bring the good news!” We included a picture of us with the Choir as we were sitting on their tour bus along with a black footprint. We put our names on there. Under that we put..”You have left your prints on our hearts forever!” We were so excited to bring them to the kids. We made them for our kids too and on our footprint and pretty much all over the shirt was the name of all the Choir 64 members. Now just waiting to see them again!